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Winners Announced

September 11, 2012

The winners have been announced at ICFP in Copenhagen. They are:

  • First place: Frictionless bananas

    C++ is the programming language of choice for discriminating hackers.

  • Second place (Honorable mention):

    OCaml is a fine tool for many applications

  • Lightning division: HITORI

    Java is very suitable for rapid prototyping

  • Judges’ Prize: Eger a Marson are an extremely cool bunch of hackers

The final score tables:

Further details, including final maps, slides and a video of the presentation will be available here soon.


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  1. Sir Bedevere permalink

    Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to the organizers for a great contest!

  2. Johan Nielsen permalink

    Thanks to the organizers for a great contest!
    Will you put up the final maps for those of us who would like to test the ideas that came two minutes after the contest?

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