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Time’s up!

July 16, 2012

The contest deadline has now passed. We hope you’ve all had fun, and we’ll keep posting news and statistics as they come in…

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  1. Thank you very much to the organiser! It was a fun problem!

  2. tgoddard permalink

    Thank you, organisers – a really great year again. I’ve not only had fun but learned a lot.

  3. Thanks for a great contest!

  4. What if I can’t find my md5 in submission list? It seems I did all right.

  5. Constantine Potapov permalink

    Thanks for the organizers for the great work!

  6. Thank you for the contest!

  7. Thanks for organizers for this contest )
    Had alot of fun )

  8. Johannes permalink

    Thanks! It was fun and we learned a lot of stuff in the last 3 days (new language, new IDE, new version control system)

  9. Thank you, this was really fun.

  10. Thank you for this craziness.

  11. Anastasi permalink

    Thank you, guys. Really enjoy reading twitter (japanese especially, haha).

  12. Alexey Antropov permalink

    Thank you very much for the greatest contest!

  13. Thanks, guys, it was great fun!

  14. Ben permalink

    Thanks for the fun contest!!!

  15. Great task, thank you very much!

  16. Any idea when we’ll see results or a list of submissions?

  17. Thank guys, we had a ball! — Silence of the Lambdas

  18. Johan Nielsen permalink

    Thank you for a great – and very hard – problem. The best way to spend an extended weekend!

  19. Sergey Vinokurov permalink

    Many thanks for running such a great contest, it was a lot of fun!

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