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Round 1 Results

August 1, 2012

(EDIT: We have made a couple of updates to the score table based on queries from one or two teams. However, nobody will be eliminated who has already been announced to be through to round 2.)

We’ve now successfully installed and run the submissions and tested them on some small maps. You can see how you did in the first round here:

For the next round, we’ll only include the top 50%. We’ve hidden the top 10 scores since we don’t want to give too much away. However, it is pretty close at the top! We used the following maps in this round, some taken from the ones published with the contest task, some slightly modified to add new features and traps, and some completely new:

If you’ve made it through, congratulations, and good luck with the next set of maps (they will be bigger…).

Note that some teams scored 0 (and some even lower). We have verified every one of these by hand to ensure that they were installed and running properly. Many of these were simply missing installation scripts, or had given the lifter executable the wrong name, which we fixed. In the remaining cases, a score of 0 was caused either by not dealing with a spec extension correctly, not producing output on receiving SIGINT, by producing ill-formed output, or simply failing to find an answer at all.


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  1. Johannes permalink

    Yeah, made it through the first round.

    Can someone explain how team 153 ICLambdas was able to get a score of -3102 on map Main 1? Given the constraint that at maximum n*m steps will be scored this should not be possible on Main 1.

  2. Andreas Abel permalink

    Could you please also publish the teams with a score 0 or lower?

    • We decided it was best not to unless people asked… though we’re happy to answer questions about what went wrong with individual submissions.

  3. Is everything really correct with #43 (Raging mushrooms) and #42 (ShallowEndians)? I find it extremely unlikely that we could have scored the exact same result in all of the maps, especially given that my lifter is doing some specific, hard-to-reproduce-in-another-solver useless walking on map1 (LRRDRRRDDLRRRDDLRRRLLLUUULULUDLDDRRD), etc.

    • Thanks for spotting. There was a file permission problem which for some reason my script was silently ignoring rather than reporting as an error.

  4. If I sent in a submission and it doesn’t show up in scoretable-full.txt what does that mean? Specifically for wandering hobos, we show up in the lightning round but not in the fulll round and we submitted to both.

    • We published team ids rather than names for submissions which scored 0. This normally means that the submission ran but didn’t give a result for the input map.

  5. Vlad Shcherbina permalink

    Could you please add contest maps to your web validator?

    • Vlad Shcherbina permalink

      Sorry for nagging, but could you please add contest maps to the web validator? Seems like a quick change…

      I suspect our submission was misevaluated in one particular map in round one, but it could as well be bug in our implementation of the rules. In order to verify, I’d like to be able to check results on official validator.

      Thank you.

  6. Matthew permalink

    I do not see my submission on the list, could you please tell me what happened? team-name: MJ

  7. James Lingard permalink

    Just curious: given that there were 221 teams, why did 117 teams get through, not 111? I thought it was going to be the top 50%?

    • We decided that given the scores were quite close there, we’d look for a bigger gap rather than being totally strict about it.

  8. Matthew permalink

    Just wondering if you had a chance to look into my submission (see two posts above). Id just like to know why it wasnt recieved, thankyou.


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