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Round 2 results

August 9, 2012

We’ve run the top 50% of entries on a new, larger, set of maps, and you can find the results as follows:

This time, we’ve hidden the top 5 scores. If you’ve made it into the last round, congratulations! We’ll be contacting the final winners very shortly, and announcing the results at ICFP in Copenhagen in mid September.

Here are the maps we used for Round 2:


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  1. It’s so sad to have 29th place, when only 28 going next round )

  2. Dmitriy permalink

    Can you check “hack the loop” – Map 6? Zero is very strange result on this map.

    • I have rerun it and got the same score. Probably it has found no results in the 150 seconds it had available…

  3. Vasily permalink

    Could you please clarify – will there be any round 3 results announcements before the conference? (partial, maybe?).
    Or we all just have to be really patient and wait ’till september?

  4. Hey, is it possible to find out why solutions getting zero got that? A note for how it ended – no response, broken, success, etc. I’m assuming my solution (ALL THE SHINY) got stuck in a loop or something on the larger maps and didn’t respond to the interrupt. It could also be that it died before making it to the first lambda due to a simulation error though.

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