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More Lambdas!

July 15, 2012

It turns out there are more Lambdas underground than we first thought. Details of
how to find the new ones are available here, and you can also see this on the task page.

Here are some new test maps:

(UPDATE: Added a note on crashing rocks into each other)


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  1. Robert permalink

    I suppose the robot can push these higher-order rocks the same way it can push rocks?

    • Yes, higher order rocks are exactly the same as rocks in all respects except when they land.

  2. Artem permalink

    An d when they Slide off lambda, they do not shatter?

  3. Azamat S. Kalimoulline permalink

    If horock fall into robot? Robot destroyed?

    • Yes. Higher order rocks are exactly the same as rocks in all respects, except that when they land they turn into a lambda.

      I suppose that strictly means they turn into a lambda as well as destroying the robot, but at that stage it’s too late…

  4. Denis Yakunin permalink

    If horock fall into place where rock fall at the same update, what will happen?

    • As with any other clash, it depends which update is done later. Remember that updates are left to right, bottom to top, and read from the old state.

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