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July 14, 2012

We have made our surveying equipment more sensitive, and we are now beginning to find some growth underground which is hampering Robot movement. Details of these growths, and how to combat them, are available here, and you can also see this on the task page.

Here are some new test maps:

(EDIT 1115GMT Sunday: Added beard5 as a representation of this, just for fun…)


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  1. val permalink

    Can beards, trampolines and flooding be in a one task(mine)?

    • It’s not impossible…

      • val permalink

        why??? And where is it written?

    • Yes, they can. as already mentioned in some (Task)
      After map, ther can be set of parameters that you need to parse



      Growth 15
      Razors 0
      Water 1
      Flooding 20
      Waterproof 10


  2. manu-factor permalink

    If rock and beard both want to invade an empty cell: who wins?

    • Nickolay permalink

      I think wins the one who is more bottom or more left, cause you should update left->right, bottom->top

      • Jan permalink

        Shouldnt that mean the one being more top (or right) wins, since its update will override the other one? (Only source map is read, and changes are only written to target map.)

      • The important thing is that update is based on the old map, and works left to right, then bottom to top.

  3. nickie permalink

    In, do we have 10 razors or 0 razors to begin with? The map file seems to have 0. The validator seems to have razors 10, or our solution RRSRURRRURWLLRUDUUUULLLLURRUULURRRRRRRRDDDLDRRURRRRRSD would not get 972 points.

    • Argh, the files were out of sync. It is supposed to be zero.

  4. nickie permalink

    Is Wadler’s beard (, supposedly with 5 razors and the letters underneath) out of sync again in the validator?

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