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Task announcement

July 13, 2012

The task details are now available here. You have until 12:00 July 16 Monday UTC for a full submission, or until 12:00 July 14 Saturday UTC for the lightning division.

Happy digging!


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  1. Hi there,

    I’m unable (and not willing to) use the Google Docs service. Is it the only way to submit? I’ve got my own web server, I’ve got an ftp server, I can use any of these to share my submission. The task seems to be interesting, but if it is required to be using Google Docs in order to participate, then I will not participate.

  2. KevinH permalink

    Andrey, You can always create a new gmail (or other mail account) just for this purpose (and then delete it). We don’t require you to use your personal email address, just give us your registration number in the submission. The use of google docs is to keep the problem of dealing with the submissions manageable for us!

  3. google docs (and therefore drive) is blocked at some places (my workplace being an example).

  4. KevinH,

    do I get it right, then, that I can just send you my submision as an attached file? In the “Specification” PDF, there’s the following phrase:


    What does that mean, then?

    • Hmm, smth. wrong with formatting… the quotation was this:

      To submit your entry, share it via Google Docs or Google Drive with one of the following accounts:

  5. Dear Organizers,

    now it is almost 5 hours into the contest. Can you finally clarify whether there’s a way to avoid using Google Docs or not? It looks like Google Docs is a requirement this year, so I should perhaps pack my belongings and go away, but I would like to see a confirmation of this fact by the organizers, before I give up.

    (Definitely, I will NOT be using Google Docs, as a matter of principle)

    So, if there’s no other way to submit (that is, one has to log in to and press some buttons there to submit the solution, and there’s no path around it), then please simply state so, so that I can stop wasting time.

  6. Vladimir Rusinov permalink redirects back to this page for me.

  7. oefractal permalink

    If the robot is destroyed does he gain scores from lambdas he collected?

  8. Lambda Boulder Dash clone 🙂

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