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July 13, 2012

We’re having some trouble with the weather, and we’ve had to make some changes to our specification. The extension is available here, and you can also see this on the
task page.

Here are some new test maps:

UPDATE 21:45 GMT 20120713: Added an extra sentence to clarify exactly when the update/check happens.


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  1. John Smith permalink

    Can you explain how the performance on the “flooding” extension will affect the overall score and the decision of which team is the winner? How many of the maps will be “flooding”?

    • icfppc2012 permalink

      We can’t say how many maps will have flooding, and it affects the scores in the same way – if you drown, it is like being destroyed, otherwise nothing changes.

      • John Smith permalink

        What I meant was: if you are actually changing the original task, why haven’t you updated the PDF? If this is totally optional (entertainment only), why haven’t you made it clear? (I still don’t understand which). What’s the purpose of mudding the waters anyway? It probably gives an unfair advantage to teams in the Hawaiian time who saw both tasks when they woke up. Some people probably started coding without constantly refreshing your blog. This change puts them at a disadvantage as well.

      • icfppc2012 permalink

        It’s harder to see a diff in the pdf than it is to attach an update separately.

        Also, keep updated on the blog, twitter, the irc channel, or the mailing list – we’ll notify all of them of any changes like this. (Indeed we did that with this update).

        Maybe not all maps used for scoring will have flooding, but it is something that you should watch out for.

      • John Smith permalink

        > It’s harder to see a diff in the pdf than it is to attach an update separately.

        You could still add a section to the original task.pdf saying “the task changed and these are the changes”, if you wanted to change the task, that is.

        > blog, twitter, the irc channel

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the original task description didn’t tell people to keep refreshing your blog, twitter and the irc. You didn’t require people to subscribe to any mailing lists. In fact, you said they could register at any time before the end of the contest. I thought this was a programming contest, not a read-my-mind contest. Some people may very well still be unaware that you changed the task.

        Did you understand my point that this disadvantages some time zones and not others?

        Why, why on Earth would you do that?

  2. Does the “flood” step happen before, or after the “is my robot underwater” step?

    • After the move/update in which your robot goes underwater, you have been underwater for 0 steps. You can then spend n steps underwater for ‘Waterproof n’ and the robot must be out after the next move/update.

      • Azamat S. Kalimoulline permalink

        When robot goes underwater it is 0 steps although update is after robot movement. So, on next step robot goes out from water. What steps robot was under water? 0 or 1?

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