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June 29, 2012

Registration for teams and individuals is now open, via EventBrite:

Eventbrite - ICFP 2012 Programming Contest

You can register your details any time between now and the end of the contest.

Submission details will be posted shortly – for your submissions you will need the registration number obtained from EventBrite when you sign up. There is a limit of 20 contestants per team; all contestants must register using EventBrite.

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  1. Sanny permalink

    EventBrite did not give me any registration number, just sent email with order confirmation. What should I do?

    • kevinhammond permalink

      I am seeing order numbers. I’ll check -we want to use these for submission as unique ids.

      • The order confirmation should include an order number


        The 94xxxxxx is your unique registration number.

  2. Alexey permalink

    How do we make sure no-one else joins our team (in EventBrite) and lodges a solution which would override our own?
    Shouldn’t the team founder have control over who’s joining?


    • kevinhammond permalink

      They should get a different order confirmation number so we can easily separate the entries. They won’t be able to overwrite your entry. The submission process should ensure that.

      • Alexey permalink

        So how are you going to figure out which submission is ‘true’ for team X? Should it only be submitted with the team founder’s Order No.?

  3. That seems to be the sensible approach.

  4. I’ve managed to fill that in but it took me a while to work out that I had to hit the “Add” button next to the team name when creating a new one. I’d just typed it in and hit submit and was hunting for the starred field I hadn’t filled in.

    • Chris permalink

      I concur. In addition their error message saying that one did not fill all *-fields is absolutely unhelpful. Thankfully I saw this message before I was too angry and canceled my registration! 😉

      • Cris, thank you for your reply 🙂 i didn’t found that little “Add” button too )

  5. Yes, it’s a bit confusing but we can’t change the EventBrite registration unfortunately. I’ve added a note to the EventBrite newsfeed.

  6. Tim Newsham permalink

    *sigh* have to use eventbright to play?

  7. Azamat S. Kalimoulline permalink

    One monent. I registered with e-mail different to google account. Should submission be finally correct?

    • You can change the email on the registration if you like, but it probably doesn’t matter. The registration number will keep you distinct.

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