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June 22, 2012

We are happy to announce that this year’s contest will be sponsored by Facebook, who will be supporting cash prizes and travel to the contest for the prize winners. Full details of the prizes will be announced later.

We have also set up an event page for the contest on Facebook. We hope that there will be enough lambdas for everyone.

Facebook have a university careers site for students and graduates looking for careers or internships.


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  1. Tim Newsham permalink

    What!@#? WHY!@#?
    Will people without facebook accounts be allowed to play?
    Will the contest page be accessible in the future even if facebook ceases to exist?

    • Everyone will be allowed to enter. The contest page will always be this one. You don’t have to sign up to the facebook event page, it’s just another way of giving out news (as with twitter, too).

  2. Speaking of Twitter, you may want to point that giant Twitter badge up there to your ICFPContest’s twitter account.

  3. KevinH permalink

    @Tim Yes, don’t wory. As Edwin says, Facebook are generously providing sponsorship for the prizes. You don’t need a facebook account to enter, and the contest page is hosted by the University of St Andrews (which has been around for 600 years :)).

    We’ll promote the contest through Facebook and Twitter, but you won’t have to use either service to get news about the contest.

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